The following images will cause you to think in a way that you've never experienced before;

and you will discover the significance of the carbon dating test done in 1988. Think as a scientist, be skeptical, be objective and be ready to think differently. Then, you will begin to understand the complexity of the Shroud image.

copyright 1998, Gilbert R. Lavoie

The Shroud of Turin (colored photo) is a cloth made of linen that is 3 feet 7 inches wide by 14 feet 3 inches long. The parallel lines are burns and patches caused by a fire that occurred in 1532. Our subject of interest is the front and back images of a naked man and the associated blood marks.


1. How do we know that the image is not a painting?

2. Why do we know that there was a beaten, scourged and crucified man laid in this cloth?

3. From where did the cloth originate?

4. How do we know that this was a Jewish burial?

5. Why do we know that the moment of the creation of this image is beyond our ordinary understanding of time and space?

6. How do we know that this is the shroud of Jesus?

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